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Truck Driver Jobs | Driver With More Than 20 Years at Super Service

Meet Clyde Phillips. He’s a dedicated Super Service truck driver, fulfilling all types of ­truck driver jobs. He has been driving for Super Service for over 20 years, but his experience goes far beyond that. Clyde has been a truck more »

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Cooking In The Cab Is Good For Truck Drivers

Truck stops are vital to truck drivers. They provide a number of important services such as haircuts, showers and bathrooms without going miles off the freeway. Most importantly, they offer a place to fuel up your truck. But, what about more »

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What To Do If You Are In A Motor Vehicle Accident

Truck drivers make a living on the road, which unfortunately increases their chances of getting into a motor vehicle accident. Whether the accident is your fault or not, you need to follow certain procedures for legal and safety reasons. Never more »

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Women Truck Drivers and Super Service

Truck driving is a predominantly male profession, but Super Service and other trucking companies are seeking greater diversity behind the wheel. While only 200,000 of America’s 3 million truck drivers are women, Go By Truck News emphasizes this is a more »

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Keep Up to Date with What’s Happening at Super Service

Super Service wants to make sure you stay up to date with all of the latest news, happenings and changes with the company, industry and regulations.  As such, the company offers many different ways for you to stay tuned in.  more »

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Hot Weather Truck Driving – Are You Prepared?

Like it or not, summer temperatures have already arrived in many parts of the country, which means you should be preparing for hot weather truck driving now.  Heat takes a serious toll on the human body quickly, especially if you’re more »

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Keeping Fit While Driving Over the Road

Being an over the road truck driver and sitting behind the wheel of the truck all day may be a convenient excuse for being out of shape, but it’s certainly not a valid one.  Truck driving is a physically demanding more »

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Keeping in Touch with Super Service

Super Service knows timely and open communication is a key element in every successful organization and for this reason makes sure you have plenty of available forums to communicate. In addition to standard industry communication systems like QualComm and the more »

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Attention Veterans! Super Service Has Trucking Jobs For You!

Super Service is proud to support the men and women of our military who have so bravely defended this country. We understand that the move from active duty back to the civilian world is not always easy. Super Service has more »

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Summertime Activity Means Increased Alertness for Truck Drivers

With warm weather finally beginning to take over, truck drivers must be extra alert to the activities around them. People are anxious to get outside and soak up the sun, and as they do they set up potentially dangerous situations more »

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